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World Cruising Handbook
Jimmy Cornell
World Cruising Handbook
Hardback 544 pp
Adlard Coles Nautical
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    World Cruising Routes
    Jimmy Cornell
    World Cruising Routes
    Hardback 635 pp
    Adlard Coles Nautical
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    Cruising Heroes and Legends

    Bluemoment's links to information and sites about the Hiscocks, Chichester and other great pioneers of cruising under sail.

    Remarkable Voyages

    Our links to sites which tell the stories of outstanding voyages made by ordinary people cruising under sail.

    Animated Sailing Knots by Grog

    Very well presented demonstrations of a wide selection of useful knots. Animations plus description and list of uses.

    Articles from Sailnet

    Huge collection of useful articles from this US site, ranging from finances and equipment to the cruising lifestyle and cooking afloat.

    Back Bearing

    Navigation site specialising in astro-nav features a Nautical Almanac, Sight Reduction Tables, Sight Reduction Form and more.


    It's massive, it's huge - you never know what you might find here. US site, not sail specific, but lots of useful links for yachties.

    Boat Picture Exchange

    Uniting owners with pictures of their boats. Anyone can upload, search for and download pictures. It's free, no registration required.

    Cruising Logs Sitering

    Yacht position reports, cruising narratives, marine radio nets, crewfinder, cruising FAQ's, cruiser forum and more from this SA site.

    Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories

    Features links to cruising homepages regularly updated from sea, plus voyage logs and cruising stories and destinations online.


    Fast loading Canadian site with some excellent links for blue water voyagers, plus some original content and a forum - worth a visit.

    Keep Turning Left

    Dylan Winter and his (incomplete) 20,000 mile video Odyssey around Britain in The Slug, a 19' Mirror Offshore. Fantastic video footage.


    The ultimate site for info on cruising destinations - currently over 1,150 listed. A remarkable achievement by Jimmy Cornell.

    Project Blue Sphere

    Interactive log site. TV show, vote on destinations, communicate with the ship, buy the DVD - sail around the world with Alex Dorsey.

    Sail Argyll

    A comprehensive directory for yachtsmen cruising in the waters around Argyll in Scotland.

    Sailing Ahead

    General Sailing information for beginners, reviews of yachting books, a cruise guide and gear as well as boat reviews.

    Sailing Links

    Quick, easy to use, directory for sailing related resources on the net with the links into useful categories. Slight W. Coast US bias.

    The Tightwad Sailor

    A sailors guide to the Solent - where to go and what to see without spending a fortune. A work in progress, contributions welcome.

    uk.rec.sailing Newsgroup

    Well patronised newsgroup that exists to discuss all aspects of sailing activity in the UK.

    Yacht Types (from BlueMoment)

    This section of the site lists links to websites with information on specific yacht types that do not have UK owners associations.


    This site offers a free five page website to display your boat and her cruises to a wider audience. Editable online, no strings attached.

    YBW Forums

    The best yachting bulletin board on the planet - forums for cruisers and practical boat owners, plus free for sale & wanted and more.

    Desperate Sailors
    Keep Turning Left
    Help the whales get their revenge
    Other Sailing Sites
    (not cruising specific)
    UK Sailing Index
    Boatlinks Directory