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Here's a direct link to YBW's excellent online service which gives tidal predictions for UK waters two weeks ahead.

Just click the button:
[If this link doesn't work, access YBW's site HERE
or, for free tide prediction software on your own PC, go to
(JTides runs under Java and so does not require Windows - although of course it will run on a Windows machine)
Note for UKHO: The background graphic above is not derived from an Admiralty chart.
The UKHO also have a free tide prediction service at which
allows you to bookmark individual ports and gives predictions for seven days ahead.

Please note that the download of WXTide2.6 which was previously available from this site is no longer on the server, having been removed following the threat of legal action by UKHO. In April 2002, the UK Hydrographic Office ordered the removal of all UK tidal data from WXTide and all other free tidal prediction programs. The fact that this was a free program, created in the public interest, had no effect on their zeal to collect nonexistent copyright fees. The fact that this decision decreases the safety of sailing in the UK - however marginally - has not swayed them in the slightest.

So there you go - the movements of the heavenly bodies are now the copyright of UKHO. I imagine Nelson is turning in his grave.