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The Windvane Self-steering Handbook
The Windvane Self-steering Handbook
Hardback: 244pp
Bill Morris
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The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat
The Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat: A Guide to Essential Features, Handling, and Gear
Paperback: 232pp
John Vigor
International Marine
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Windvanes and Autohelms (2 of 2)
(Some windvanes are available overseas only - an exception has been
made to our usual 'UK sites only' policy for these specialist items)

Neptune Servo-Pendulum WIndvane
Lightweight servo-pendulum gear in aluminium and acetal, maade in S.Africa but with a UK agent. Very affordable.
Pendulum System for Boats With Transom Hung Rudders
It can be difficult to install a pendulum windvane pendulum system with an outboard rudders. This DIY system provides a solution.
Plastimo Navik Servo-Pendulum Windvane
The Navik is no longer made. Owners may find the link above to the manual useful though.
Raymarine Autopilots
Huge range of packaged and modular autopilot systems for tiller or wheel steered yachts, available from Raymarine Ltd, Portsmouth.
Aluminium alloy servo-pendulum windvane system for which the manufacturers claim extreme durability and reliability.
Sea Feather
Custom Built, Servo Pendulum Wind Vane self-steering systems. Design flexibility to suit most yachts up to 35ft.
Selecting a Self-Steering Windvane
This SailNet article by Paul & Sheryl Shard is an excellent guide to selecting a suitable windvane for your boat and your voyages.
Sheet to Tiller Steering
This page describes a simple, inexpensive way to make a sailboat steer itself using wind power, some string and some surgical tubing.
South Atlantic Self Steering Gear
Two sizes of servo-pendulum plus an auxiliary rudder system for larger yachts. Made in Germany and Argentina with agents in Spain.
New product. Jib sheet to tiller design. Easy to install, easy to use, no windvanes . . . nothing hanging off the stern . . . built to last.
Claims to be a "no nonsense" gear, combining tested principles with simple engineering. The least expensive steering gear of its type.
Voyager Windvane
Lightweight servo-pendulum gear with adjustable response. Each gear is individually designed in Canada for the customer's boat.
Windpilot Hamburg
A range of three H-vane servo-pendulum windvanes manufactured in Germany. Interesting set of articles on'The Perfect Yacht'.
Windvane plans from Hartley Boats
Order plans online to build a trim tab type wind vane self steering gear suitable for transom mounting on 24 - 60ft yachts.
Windvane Forum from CruiseNews
Discuss the design, construction and use of windvanes, sheet-to-tiller, vane assisted tiller pilots, and other self-steering gear.
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