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The Windvane Self-steering Handbook
The Windvane Self-steering Handbook
Hardback: 244pp
Bill Morris
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Windvanes and Autohelms (1 of 2)
(Some windvanes are available overseas only - an exception has been
made to our usual 'UK sites only' policy for these specialist items)

Aries Windvane
Probably the best known windvane system. These have to be ordered from Denmark, but many cruisers think it's worth the effort.
Aries Spares
Providing rebuild kits and spare parts service for original Aries self-steering gears - from the inventor himself. Based in Cornwall.
Automate the Windvane
Interesting article on linking an electromechanical autopilot (Autohelm) with an Aries windvane. From the yacht 'Valhalla'.
Autosteer (Hydra SW)
Two windvane models - a servo pendulum model and a trim tab model for boats under 35ft with transom hung rudders. Cornwall.
Beaufort Self-Steering
Servo-pendulum windvanes in a variety of models and materials to suit any yacht, made in France. Select 'English' on the home page.
Bluewater Supplies
This UK firm can supply all major brands, whether auxiliary rudder or servo pendulum, and promise to sell you what is best for your vessel.
Cape Horn Integrated Self-Steering
Made in Quebec, Canada, every Cape Horn windvane is guaranteed for one circumnavigation or 28,000 miles.
Fleming Self Steering Systems
Servo pendulum and auxiliary rudder windvane systems featuring all stainless steel construction. Built in Sydney, Australia.
Unique self steering and emergency steering system with no lines to the wheel or tiller. Off-centre mounting is not a problem.
Monitor Windvanes (Scanmar)
Choose from the popular Monitor Servo Pendulum gear, the Auto-Helm Auxiliary Rudder/Trimtab system or the Sayes Rig. California.
Mr. Vane
A new servo-pendulum system that weighs 17lb, can be used on a boat with an outboard and is available for as little as €250 to testers.
Blue Water Supplies
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Tiller Trimmer