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Visitors Moorings & Pontoons in W. Scotland

Sometimes it's nice to know that at the end of a long, tiring passage you will be able to go alongside a pontoon or pick up a mooring buoy. A buoy that is rated for a greater tonnage than your vessel, which you know is regularly inspected, is a great comfort when an onshore wind begins to howl in the small hours. However, bear in mind that the visitors moorings might all be taken when you arrive, so be prepared to anchor or go elsewhere if necessary - never assume there will be a buoy available. Beware also entries in the pilot book which mention visitors moorings - these entries can be out of date.

Moorings and visitor pontoons are put down and maintained by various bodies. Some moorings - usually council maintained - are free. Others maintained by a local body - e.g. Tobermory Harbour Authority - will cost you up to £10 per night, with various facilities onshore usually available as part of the deal. Some pubs and hotels also lay visitors moorings. These are often free provided you have a meal. There will invariably be a charge for a pontoon berth, and these are detailed below when known.

A couple of cautions on buoys - many have no pickup, and threading a rope through the ring can prove tricky; a midships pickup may be easier. On buoys with no pickup, a single rope passed through the ring and back to the yacht can quickly chafe through in the course of a lively night, so either tie on with a knot to the ring or use a short section of chain. A short section of chain with poly hose over it where it goes through the bow roller - for peace and quiet - is a useful addition to the anchor locker. If you must use a slip rope, use two.

Visitors Moorings and Pontoons in W. Scotland
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Visitors Moorings and Pontoons in Scotland, Arranged By Area

PLEASE NOTE: While this information is believed to be accurate and up to date, no guarantee can be given and it should be assumed that all moorings are used at your own risk. BlueMoment is not responsible for any incidents that may arise as a result of the use of this information. If you have any corrections or further information, please     LAST UPDATED 12th APRIL 2007

Information here is primarily about facilities designed for overnight or short-term stays. Marinas or long-term mooring facilities will often also have overnight moorings or berths for visitors. These can be found in the Scottish Marinas and Moorings section of the website. If you are planning a Scottish cruise you are strongly advised to consult this section of the website in addition to the information contained below.

FIRTH OF CLYDE:   North Ayrshire : top
Gourock Yacht Clube Updated May 2012

Royal Gourock Yacht Club has two visitor moorings, and additional moorings can be made available by contacting the boatman on 07710 434318. The boatman is available 7 days per week from 10:00 to 22:00 and will be happy to bring you ashore. Visiting yachtsmen are invited to use the club bar and restaurant. The number for the bar/restaurant is 01475 637192. There is no charge for short stays. If you wish a longer stay the cost is £10 per night.

Millport, Great Cumbrae Updated July 2009

12 moorings with one marker buoy. Owned and maintained by North Ayrshire Council - they are all free, blue and currently unmarked . They are suitable for up to 15 tonnes. Inpervioous years they have been laid in time for the Easter holidays and are usually lifted in late October.

Brodick, Isle of Arran Updated May 2007

15 moorings in 3 trots of 5 owned and maintained by North Ayrshire Council - they are all free, blue and marked "Visitors Only 15 Tonnes Max". They should be laid in time for the Easter holidays and are usually lifted late October.

Lamlash, Isle of Arran Updated May 2011

The Visitor Moorings in Lamlash Bay, Isle of Arran, are now in the care of Jim Blakey, proprietor of the Holy Isle Ferry. Jim is in the process of renewing or replacing all the existing Visitor Moorings; as of this report there are ten moorings in place with more planned to be available in the next few weeks. There is an overnight charge of ten pounds per mooring; this is at the Holy Isle Ferry office or to the duty boatman' who will call at each vessel. Jim can be contacted if req on 07970 771960 for further details.

Whiting Bay, Isle of Arran Added Sept 2008

Just south of Lamlash, 4 moorings operated by local business community. No charge. Shops ashore. Exposed in all but a gentle westerly.

Lochranza, Isle of Arran Updated Sept 2008

15 good moorings and a new dinghy pontoon. A yacht can go alongside at high water, but beware wash from the CalMac ferry.

In Southerly winds this bay can be very squally, and boats may swing about dramatically. Don't just use one slip rope! Facilities ashore: hotel (bar).

FIRTH OF CLYDE:   Argyll & Butetop

Argyll Hotel, Strone, nr. Dunoon
The new owners are in the process of having visitors moorings laid. To date (May 1st 2003) there is 1 single 10 ton one laid, with a further two 10 ton ones to be laid within the next two weeks These moorings are being installed by a qualified contractor. The hotel offers a small selection of bar meals , fine beers & ales,Wines and spirits, and in the future they hope to offer showering facilities. (RECENT INFORMATION SOUGHT FOR THIS ENTRY)

West Bay, DunoonUpdated August 2010
All moorings have now been removed

Knockderry House Hotel, Loch LongAdded May 2005

At the entrance to Loch Long. 6 15 Tonne well maintained moorings with pickup buoys, for the exclusive use of visitors to the hotel. The hotel often has special offers on for the sailing community - such as a free bottle of wine with lunch or discounted accommodation ( for those who fancy a night ashore). See the website at for more details.

Ardentinny Hotel, Loch LongUpdated April 2009

The hotel installed a new dinghy landing pontoon in Spring 2008 (black cube style) and 2 moorings to the south east of the hotel. They are however exposed to swell. There is the ground tackle for more moorings in the bayand it is planned as visitors increase to raise these. Be aware the hotel does not have Credit/Debit card facilities (2008) so you need cash or cheque book. The hotel has been completely refurbished and a friendly welcome is assured.

Carrick Castle, Loch GoilUpdated August 2008

Carrick Castle Boat Club has two Blue Visitors' Mooring Buoys one cable north of the castle suitable for boats up to 15 tonnes each. The blue visitors' mooring buoys have yellow pick-up buoys that are removed over the winter months - Visitor's Mooring No 1 in approximate position 56 deg 06.688' N 004 deg 54.378' W and Visitor's Mooring No 2 in approximate position 56 deg 06.710 N 004 deg 54.396' W. Those wishing to use the visitors' moorings are asked to pay a £10.00 mooring fee that goes towards the annual servicing of the moorings. WiFi Internet access is free at the moorings. Instructions on how to pay are shown on the visitors' mooring buoys and also on the Village Notice Board by the Royal Mail Post Box behind the castle. Visitors can also pay by using PayPal on the club's web site using the quick and easy to remember URL that has a link to pay for a mooring. There are seven walks listed locally detailed on their website -

If you don't have a computer on board, you can pay when you get home online within 14 days please. All boats are photographed to check boat's name against payment. If you don't want to pay, please anchor!

LochgoilheadAdded August 2010

There are 10 yellow visitors moorings with pickup buoys, £10 for the first night and £5 for subsequent nights. Pay at the garage (which looks derelict) or at the third house on the right. There is also a pickup/drop off pontoon with dingy access.

There is reportedly water at the public toilets , and a Costcutter supermarket at to the caravan site ( mile), with some basics at the PO.

Creggans Inn, Loch Fyneupdated July 2009

Two moorings with pickups, both marked "Creggans Customers", and one of which appears to be used by the hotel. There is an easy shelving beach for the dinghy, and the hotel provides an upmarket menu. Maximum weight is 10 Tonnes. The Inn is at Strachur on the east shore of Loch Fyne, approximately 18 nm from Ardrishaig. See their website for more details

Otter Ferry, Loch FyneUpdated August 2010

Five visitor moorings maintained by the Oystercatcher Hotel on the East coast of the loch. Some may not have pickups. Excellent new dinghy pontoon just south of the old ferry jetty. Wireless internet available to visiting yachts. See their website for more details.

Head of Loch Fyneupdated July 2009

Loch Fyne Oysters have laid four moorings (with pickups) at the most northerly navigable part of Loch Fyne, a fw hundred yards North of the centre. Dinghy landing is on a rocky foreshore. These are available for the use free of charge to shop and Oyster Bar customers who use them at their own risk.

Kilchattan BayUpdated May 2012

St Blane's Hotel closed over the winter (2011/2012) and is for sale. The six moorings previously maintained by the hotel are available, but appear unserviced and should be used with caution. Hotel web site:

Colintraive Hotel, E. Kyles of ButeUpdated July 2009

5 x 15 tonne & 1 x 6 tonne clearly marked mooring buoys with pick ups, to north of ferry ramp. Showers available £5.00 with towel. Excellent food.

Tighnabruich, Kyles of ButeUpdated Jul 2008

Many years ago, HIDB established three trots of moorings, six at each site, at Tighnabruaich Hotel, Royal Hotel and Kames Hotel. Over the years, these were adopted by the host hotels and the situation in Jan 2002) was :

Tighnabruaich Hotel, beside RNLI station. No maintenance on these for a number of years, should be considered to be redundant

Royal Hotel ( * * * * ). The hotel has changed its name but the moorings still have Royal Hotel marked on them. Twelve moorings, serviced annually, remain in water throughout year. A lightweight pier was constructed last year with a floating pontoon for dinghies.

Kames Hotel ( * * * ) Impressive dining room, dedicated malt whisky bar, real ales, good food. Shower available for visitors. Golf club (9) overlooking the Kyles. Fifteen moorings, annually serviced. Two moorings (15t) in all year, others taken ashore for service, reinstated in March. Showers available £5.00 with towel. Easy landing on a clean shelving beach. Excellent vilage store. Website:
Availability is generally good but there are occasions when all the moorings are full.
UPDATE June 2005 - Hotel under new management but moorings still there. Radio station no longer in existence.

In October 2007 a correspondent reported that there are usually moorings available for vistors at Mara Marine, and often no charge for 1 night, but you must go ashore and ask permission.

National Centre, Great Cumbrae

In the last few years there have been developments at the centre, which now has a floating break water with land connection. Visiting yachts are welcome to tie alongside in suitable conditions and will now find a licensed bar in the centre to offer a refreshment. This can provide some excellent shelter and easy access ashore. Details re. depths/tides etc. to follow.

Rothesay BayUpdated July 2009

There are now 40 moorings at £7.00 per night. 25 are on the north side of the bay, and 15 on the south side. The new inner harbour marina with 40 new berths was opened for business on Good Friday 2009. These berths offer excellent shelter and are not subject to the ferry wash. They are accessed via a lifting bridge which is operated by the Pier Master and is only opened when no ferry is at the pier. To request opening the bridge call on VHF 16 or 12 or tel 01700 503842. Showers at Victorian toilets £1.50. Free WC at ferry terminal. The inner harbour is mainly for overnight berthing - short stay visitors should use the berths in the outer harbour or west pontoon. This now gives Rothesay 80 pontoon berths plus the moorings.

Port Bannatyne Marina, Kames BayAdded August 2010

Easy entry, very welcoming. Portakabin for showers/WC, with a permanent building planned. Cost was £17.00 o/night for a 32 footer in July 2010

Eat at The Port Cafe, the Russian Tavern or even in the Port Bannatyne Post Office! Supplies at the Post Office where you can stock up on the essentials and canned provisions for your trip, or bus into Rothesay.

More info on the website

FIRTH OF CLYDE:   Kintyre Peninsula top

SandaAdded April 2007
We have been advised that the mooring buoy at Sanda Island is not maintained and is dangerous. Apparently 2 x yachts have ended up on the rocks. £10 overnight charged for the mooring - current advice is don't use it, ANCHOR FREE!

CampbelltownUpdated August 2009

Visitors pontoon opposite the lifeboat station. Outer (SE) end can be a bit exposed if the wind is blowing straight up the loch, but otherwise OK. The owners currently (Aug 2009) do not have any staff on the pontoon, but are requesting that visitors pay via the Tourist Information Office on the pier. Charge, payable at the Tourist Information Office, is now £13/night. Electricity available on pontoon, using swipe cards. Some gas bottles for sale on pontoon. Showers at nearby swimming pool visible from pontoon, WC at public conveniences in town, closed overnight. Free internet access at library (same building as swimming pool): after registering, card gives access to all libraries in Argyll and Bute. (May 07).

CarradaleAdded August 2012

Four moorings have been put in place to the North of the harbour in Portnacoul. Overnight charge of £10 in a yellow honesty box located at foot of Quay Brae as you turn down to the carpark.

Tarbert Loch FyneUpdated July 2012

Anchored pontoon system providing visiting berths for 65 – 100 vessels of varying sizes. Water and electricity on the pontoons. Priority berths for vessels over 50ft. Good (free) showers. Expensive now at £24.50 for overnight berthing for a 10m vessel.

PortavadieUpdated May 2009

Portavadie is now fully open with a new restaurant and very nice shower block. Cost was £15 for a 31 ft boat at the end of last year. Very occasional bus service to Kames (village store) and Tignabruaich. Ferry fare to Tarbert is £5.55 per person return.

More info on the website

Ardrishaig, entrance to Crinan Canal

The pontoon mooring was replaced late July 2009 and the 'do not use' notice has been removed, while it is very popular with local small motor boats there is usually space for one yacht on the (deeper) south side.

MAINLAND:   Argyll & Butetop
Crinan BoatyardUpdated Oct 2007

Overnight fees on buoy £15. Loading pontoon for stores, diesel & water (£1 for fresh water, £2 to wash down). Don't leave the boat on the pontoon though. Good chandlers.

Kilmelfort Yacht Haven, Loch Melfort

55 heavy-duty swinging moorings up to 60 tonnes capacity and 6 alongside berths for short stay and loading/unloading. ightly rates up to 6 metres £7.00, over 6 metres, £11.00. Mooring rates include free use of the pier and pontoons, normally for loading and unloading, easy access to diesel and water supplies, 24 hour, 7 day access to toilets, showers and washing facilities, free car parking, locked dinghy compound and public telephone. See for more information and long-stay rates.

Melfort Pier & Harbour, Loch MelfortUpdated June 2008

There are now 20 moorings, all in place and set ready for use. Cost is £12 per night. There is a pontoon available for short term loading, unloading, taking on water etc., but check depth as this gets shallow at low water. Facilities include: Shower, Laundrette, Pay Phone, WiFi, Restaurant and Bar. Power and drinking water all on request at the office. Melfort Mermaid Restaurant and bar open all day. Arrive hungry, leave happy.Overnight mooring only £10.00 night, when you dine in Melfort Mermaid. Longer stay moorings available- £120.00 per month, £600.00 for six months. Call 01852 200 333

Ardfern Yacht Centre, Loch Craignish

Ardfern Yacht Centre has around 80 pontoon berths with visitors pontoon berthing being provided on both sides of the pontoon systems outer walkways. Overnight charge £2.15 per metre with electricity extra at £3.50 per day. See for more details.

The Lagoon, Ardfern, Loch Craignish

VB's as you go into the Lagoon. Big V on them - red buoys I think. Newly laid by NW marine for the 2012 season. Honesty box by the concrete slip where the sailing club currently operates from.

Arduaine, Loch Shuna - Melfort HotelUpdated Oct 2003

56°13'9N 005°33'2W
4 pink buoys with pickups, free to customers. Exposed to the S. Excellent food and drink at the hotel, with spectacular views from the terrace. Usually dropped in the Winter.

Oban BayUpdated Spring 2010

15 visitor moorings at Cardingmill Bay (south side of Oban Bay) lat 56°24.70'N / long 005°29.16'W - large yellow buoys; £15 per night / £75 per week / £5 for 3 hours maximum stay before 1600hrs - fees include 1 visit per day up to 30 mins alongside adjacent landing stage, and leaving dinghy alongside. No advance booking. 07810 880315

Cardingmill Bay Landing Stage: step ashore into Oban, change crew, take on water and provisions and land by dinghy; £2 per visit up to 30 mins alongside; water and refuse bin available. Lying at the heart of some of Scotland's finest cruising grounds, Oban has most major facilities sailing visitors need - shops, chandlery, restaurants, banks, transport links, marine engineers, fuel - all a short walk from the landing stage. Oban is the main centre for a number of sailing events throughout the year including West Highland Yachting Week - held during the first week in August - and a great cruising destination !

Full details on Season ticket and prepaid pack of 10 tickets available on application - email 07710 880315

Barcaldine Marine, Loch CreranUpdated Oct 2007

50 new moorings installed 2006-07 at Barcaldine, 3.5 miles from Loch Creran entrance. Planned new shore facilities were not complete at the end of the 2007 season, but planned amenities include a loading pontoon, toilets and showers, waterside car parking, and secure dinghy storage. Water and fuel alongside. Resident moorings plus long and short term visitor moorings.

Note that Creran Marine, and not Barcaldine Marine, own the trots of white mooring bouys West of Barcaldine pier: there are no specific visitors moorings but space can usually be found on vacant moorings (max. 8.5T, 36'). Equally the 2 yellow moorings immediately West of the Pier belong to Creran Marine and are not visitors moorings.

The Pierhouse, Port AppinUpdated December 2010

10 moorings with pickups at The Pierhouse Hotel, Port Appin, Argyll. Moorings are put out at Easter and lifted in late October. Exposed in strong southerlies. Cost is £10 / day with (luxurious) showering and drying facilities available at a cost of £5.00. Overnight stays are free to diners. Landing for dinghies on the N side of the concrete jetty. Bar and renowned Seafood Restaurant. Website. Tel. 01631 730 302.

Linnhe MarineUpdated Oct 2007

Good loading pontoon with plenty of water (40ft+ even at low water) with water piped to the end of the pontoon, red diesel for sale and showers - though the toilet is some way off. A ferry service is provided to the moorings - even out of hours. The mooring area is very sheltered from the south and west but somewhat exposed to the north and a short swell can enter the bay. There is a bouyed channel to the south leading to the area north of Lismore and hence south to Oban or west to Loch Linnhe and the Sound of Mull if you're going that way. Moorings are around £10 per night. More info at

INNER HEBRIDES:   Argyll & Bute : top
Ardminish Bay, Isle of Gigha

11 15 tonne mooring buoys, no pickups. Owned and maintained annually by Argyll and Bute Council. (NB - Argyll & Bute tell us they put out the maintenance of their remaining moorings to tender each Spring. All moorings are then inspected by the successful contractor(s) and any essential maintenance/replacement work carried out).

Port Ellen, IslayUpdated Oct 2007

Port Ellen now has pontoons with electricity and water. This is a vast improvement on the visitors moorings, which were very exposed and a long dinghy ride out. Recently (2007) dredged so there is now 3m minimum depth. No toilet block as of Summer 2003 - which seems a bit of an oversight. A report (2007) says that the hotel is charging £3 for showers. Operated by Port Ellen Harbour Association. Charges are £12/night under 10m and £14/night over 10m (2007) and include water and electricity. See the website for more details.

(The old Visitors Mooring buoys out in the bay were still there in 2007 - but we have no current information on their status)

Craighouse, Isle of JuraUpdated July 2008

The moorings have been taken over by the Isle of Jura Development Trust and have doubled in number. Cost £10 per night, and the money is collected from your boat in the morning. Showers available for £1 in the area at the back of the hotel.

Arinagour, Isle of CollUpdated July 2012

There are twelve moorings in Arinagour Bay (Loch Eatharna) for visiting yachts and other craft. The moorings are run by CMAL and are suitable for vessels having a maximum displacement of 10 tonnes. Overnight fees are £10 per vessel and fees are payable at CalMac's pier office (during open hours), an honesty box on the middle pier or in the Coll Hotel.

Tobermory, Isle of MullUpdated July 2008

The moorings here are owned by Tobermory Harbour Association. The charge is £13 per night (slightly cheaper for under 8m).

NEW PONTOONS: There are now pontoons at Tobermory. New and shiny, plenty of depth, rubber edges for careless parkers. Cost is £2.25 per metre per night. Water and electricity o the pontoons, diesel from the fuel berth on the hammerhead.

New toilet, shower and laundry facilities were opened in a purpose built building above the marina in June 2008. Showers are £2.00. WiFi is available.

Salen (Isle of Mull)updated June 2008

A correspondent reports that he was there in mid May 2008 and that there are no moorings except local small boat moorings behind the reef on the south side of the bay. They anchored inshore of the pier in 3m.  

Craignure (Isle of Mull)Updated Jul 2008

Apparenty there are no visitor moorings in Craignure any more. A correspondent reports that there are 5 moorings, but 4 of them were being used by local boats. They used the spare one but were visited at 10pm by a local to be told the mooring was unsafe as it hadn't been checked in 5 years!

ARDNAMURCHAN:   Argyll & Bute
KilchoanUpdated July 2008

4 moorings, no pickups, rated to 15 tons. Fully insured, maintained by West Ardnamurchan Jetty Assoc. Ltd. Cost per night: £ 10 requested. Honesty box at head of jetty. Facilities ashore: Two pubs. One general store. Water. Petrol. Diesel. Calor Gas. Camping Gaz. Showers. Jetty. Launching ramp. Community Center with tourist information, cafe, fitness center. Ferry to Tobermory. Bus to Fort William. (anchorage possible to East of visitor moorings). Local web site: . These moorings are very exposed to the S and W.

Strontian, Loch SunartAdded June 2009

There are two visitors moorings at the head of Loch Sunart, by Strontian. They are free to users of the Kilcamb Lodge and Restaurant. Heavy duty pick up leads to a chain for mooring. Kilcamb is the building to the west of the river, take your dinghy ashore anywhere on the shingle beach.

Our correspondent recommends dinner at the Kilcamb. Fixed price for, on the face of it a 3 course meal.But there are 8 courses including canape's and coffee. All of a very high standard in a very comfortable hotel.

Salen, Loch SunartLast update June 2012

Now under new management. 4 maintained 15 tonne swinging moorings (marked 'Jetty'), red with orange pickups. Cost is £14 per night inclusive of water and rubbish disposal. There is now also a spacious visitor pontoon for 8 visiting yachts. Electric and water are available on the pontoon. Reservations can be taken for moorings/berths (max 24 hours in advance). Red diesel is available at competitive rates.

There is a website HERE.


Armadale, Isle of Skye
6 blue former HIDB moorings rated to 15 tonnes. These have been taken over by the local moorings association, South Skye Marine Development Association. There is a charge of £12 per night,which is collected by Isle of Skye Yachts.

Isle of Skye Yachts maintain a further 11 yacht moorings in the bay, inshore of the blue visitor ones. These are primarily for their charter fleet, but are usually vacant for Saturday (after 6pm) through to Thursday night. Visitors, max 15t/40' are very welcome to use them at a cost of £12 per night. Isle of Skye Yachts can provide fuel(diesel) and water directly to yachts on one of their moorings via a very long hose, and most other visitor services are available ashore; petrol, Gas and Gaz, Laundry, Shop, Pub/Restaurant, Chandlery. The majority of moorings now have float buoys, either yellow or grey, with a pick up pennant. There is a new 12m pontoon in the lee of the old stone pier to which dinghies can be tied. Also yachts may go in at +half tide to briefly (no unattended vessels) take on fuel or water. Electricity also available.

KyleakinUpdated May 2006

There are 3 15 tonne visitors moorings off the beach at Kyleakin (blue, no pickup) which are maintained annually by Highland Council divers. Overnight use is free of charge. There is also a new (2000) pontoon in Kyleakin, beside the ferry terminal. Fees for an overnight stay are £5.00 for yachts under 35ft, otherwise £10.00. The £100,000 pontoon facility provides 180 metres of year-round berthing space and a minimum depth of water alongside (low spring tides) of 3 metres. It is sheltered from the west, and will often provide a more comfortable overnight stay than the Kyle pontoon across the water. Pontoon has no water hose - adjacent tap.

NOTE May 2006: the shuttle bus between Kyleakin and Kyle of Lochalsh no longer operates. The service is now irregular and operates from Kyleakin youth hostel, not the pontoon. Fare is now 70p instead of 15p.

BroadfordAdded May 2012

57 degrees 14 .742'N 05 degrees 54.114'W. These moorings have been completely repaired to best standards and insured.T here are four visitor moorings, ideal in a SW gale. Supermarket, petrol, Post Office, Hotels. 1 or 2 nights £10 a night, 3 nights £25, up to 6 nights £30 - weekly rate £25. Payment: to the honesty box at the head of the main pier, or to the ‘Top shop’ Spar shop at junction to Big Pier road, or to Teo s Handspun located at the small pier.

Broadford Harbour Users association: Web:

Raasay, Churchton Bay

There are 4 15 tonne Highland Council-maintained visitors moorings in the bay, blue, no pickup. Overnight use is free of charge.

Portree, Isle of SkyeLast update July 2008

There are now 16 visitors' moorings at Portree: 8 blue buoys and 8 yellow ones. They all have pick-ups and appear to be sound and serviceable. The daily fee is £10.00 which you put into an honesty box in the R.N.L.I. Station. The moorings are exposed to SWlys.

Stein, Isle of SkyeUpdated Jul 2003

There are 4 15 tonne visitors moorings in the bay, blue, no pickup. Maintained by Highland Council. Overnight use is free of charge. Overhauled with new chains July 2003.

Dunvegan, Isle of SkyeUpdated July 2009

3 drum type mooring buoys off Dunvegan Hotel, The owner of the hotel says they are maintained by Highland Council but this is unconfirmed at this time. The slip at the hotel is badly choked with weed and the current owner has said he is not really interested in yacht business. However the food is O.K. there.

Carbost, Isle of SkyeUpdated May 2005

Spencer from the Old Inn in Carbost, Isle Of Skye writes (May 2005) :"We are located besides the Talisker distillery in Carbost on the west of Skye in Loch Harport. The distillery manages two free green moorings for visiting boats both with pickups situated out from the pub. Water, showers, laundry, accommodation, food and drink are all available at the Old Inn which offers traditional Highland hospitality. Our website is . We are in the process of trying a get a grant to provide additional moorings and a pontoon, hopefully by next year."

Ballachulish - West Harbour

A 40 metre pontoon is maintained by Lochaber Watersports LIMITED visitors berthing space is available when their own yachts are away. An advance phone call to 07831 846025 may be helpful. Cost is £15 per night and includes FREE use of swimming pool and sauna at the adjacent Swallow Isles of Glencoe Hotel. Water and rubbish disposal is available at the pontoon. A well stocked Co-op, doctor, Post Office and bank(Tues and Fri) are in Ballachulish - 5 minutes away. Fuel is available at Glencoe Garage about 2 miles away.

Fort William

One yellow visitors buoy maintained by Lochaber Yacht Club and inspected twice yearly. £5 per night.

Arisaig HarbourUpdated June 2009

Arisaig Marine have a total of fifty moorings for rental. These are suitable mainly for vessels up to 13 meters, but five are for vessels up to 24 meters. Buoys have pickups. They are professionally checked with Divers in March or April of each year, with a report on file of replacements conditions etc.

Fees are paid at the Harbour Office. Showers (£2), toilets, a coffee shop and a (small) chandlery. . The village has an excellent range of facilities, Hotel, Bistro with accommodation, Cafe/Take away, Grocers Shop, Post Office, Doctors surgery, Railway station and Bus service. The Byard now has a covererd shed (for two boats), repair facilities and a slipway for up to 24mtr vessels, Diesel, Parking and Winter Storage facilities. See the website for more details or contact

Glenuig Inn, Sound of ArisaigUpdated April 2012

The Glenuig Inn in the Sound of Arisaig has installed 10 Visitor Moorings in Glenuig Bay, including 2 for Yachts up to 15 tons and 8 for Yachts up to 10 tons. The entrance to Glenuig Bay is at 56°50’N 05°49’W and the moorings are marked with Yellow Buoys. The text on the Buoys reads 'Glenuig Inn', 'Pay at Bar' & 'Max 10 Tons' or 'Max 15 Tons'. All are deep water moorings, with some outside and some inside the skerries. There is a slipway that provides easy access for dinghys, kayaks at almost all states of the tide. The slipway is just a short walk from the Inn. The cost is £10 per 24 hours or part thereof, payable at the Bar in Glenuig Inn, which is fully refundable if you eat there the same day or evening. Glenuig Inn is open all day, every day, serving sea food and Home-cooked meals from 12.00pm to 9.00pm daily, all year round. Bookings are not required, but best to phone ahead for parties of 8 or more. /P>

Kyle of Lochalsh

There is a visitors pontoon West of the Railway Pier, offering berthing for approx. 8 yachts (more if rafted up). Convenient for taking on stores, but can be exposed. As well as swell, can be subject to disturbance from other traffic. (Tourist trip boats need constant access to load and unload their passengers). Water available on the pontoon. Fuel at the Fishery Pier. For an overnight stay, Kyleakin is a better option.

Inverie, Loch Nevis (Knoydart)

The Old Forge Inn maintains approximately ten visitors moorings off the pier at Inverie. These are free to visitors dining in the restaurant, otherwise they are charged for at a maximum rate of £10/night (single night stay, less for more nights). Maintainance is by annual ongoing inspection when the chains are individually checked by divers who are moorings specialists. They plan to lay another 4 so should have 14 or 15 this summer (2002) if all goes to plan. The location of the moorings is 57deg.02'N - 05deg.41'W.

Update Oct 2005 (from Claymore) No water and you cannot leave your rubbish anywhere ashore. Moorings are disrupted at present due to RORo slip construction - should be done by 2006

Plockton Updated March 2008

6 yellow "Visitors" moorings with pick up ropes and small orange buoys (Max boat size 12 m) located on the east side of the inner bay (£10 per day)

4 yellow "Visitors" moorings with pick up ropes and small orange buoys (Max boat size 15 m) located to the west of the Plockton Rocks opposite the old pier and new pontoon. (£12 per day)

The buoys are all clearly marked "V" and are suitable for one boat at a time up to the sizes shown above.( NO Rafting Up). For 2008 the charges for use of the moorings are as shown. The charges include free use of the pontoons by dinghy. Fees should be paid in the Village shop, Plockton Hotel or Plockton Inn.

There are two pontoons, a drying one, behind the small island by the main village car park. (Where there are also toilets and a water tap) and the main one at the old stone pier. The Main Pontoon may be used by visitors for short periods to take on stores and land crew. It is in regular use by fishing boats and the Seal trip boat, so yachts should not be left there unattended. The pontoon is not designed for overnight berthing and this is not allowed. (Boats up to12m alongside for up to 5 hours £5)

More details of facilites, anchoring areas, other fees etc are available on the notice boards on the pontoons and in the Plockton Harbour Association Guide booklet available in the village and locally.

LochcarronUpdated August 2011

These are reported as no longer available. The hotel said it coujld not afford to keep them on.

Shieldaig, Loch GairlochUpdated Oct 2007

There are now 6 visitor buoys with pick ups here. They maintained (and charged for) by the Gairloch HM. They are maintained annually and he reports that they are very substantial - he uses them for trawlers when Gairloch is full.

Badachro, Gareloch, Wester RossUpdated Oct 2007

After a report from a visiting yachtsman that the moorings here were in poor condition and not being inspected we contacted the Badachro Inn directly. They told us that they have two moorings in good condition which are inspected regularly. There is no charge for customers of the Inn. Showers are available at the Inn, with clothes washing facilities also available for a small charge. Shopping in Gairloch can be arranged at the Inn. Chandlery in Gairloch. Badachro Inn website:

Gairloch, Wester RossUpdated Oct 2007

A 60 metre pontoon provides 12 berths providing for up to 30 rafted yachts. Pontoon has water hose. The pontoon is pretty full with resident local boats but there may be space for 1 or 2 yachts rafted on the SE end. It is run by Highland Harbours, who give the second consecutive day's berthing free. This free day can be used at another Highland Harbours harbour e.g. Kyle of Lochalsh or Lochinver.

UllapoolUpdated August 2009

Ullapool Harbour has recently provided 8 trot moorings for use by boats visiting Ullapool. There are 8 moorings at £12 per night payable to the Harbour Assistants anytime day or night. To get in touch the boats should either use the VHF channel 14 or 16 or telephone 01854 612091 (24hrs). If the outer steps are clear, yachts can come alongside for water and stores etc. If visitors wish to come to the pier they should use the same contact arrangements.

Isle MartinAdded July 2009

There is a very comfortable high quality deep water pontoon mooring available at Isle Martin, in Loch Kannaird about 3 miles from Ullapool. Isle Martin has been handed over by RSPB to the local Isle Martin Trust whose warden uses the pontoon for her small rib, but there is room for one perhaps two yachts. Charge is £10 per night in honesty box on pontoon or to warden.. Isle Martin is still a Nature Reserve, the houses are used by visiting ornitholigists and there are no shoreside facilities, (take your rubbish away) but there is a working boatyard with slip and pier about a mile away on the mainland side of the Loch. Camping Gaz is available from the caravan site but not in Ullapool. Note the shallowish bar connecting Isle Martin to the mainland between the caravan site and the boatyard.

LochinverUpdated July 2009

Pontoon. (More oberths added 2009). Water. Showers at the Seamen's Mission. Standard charges - ie £5 for 4 hours, £13 overnight, but not applied as rigourously as at Gairloch. Diesel available at a reasonable price, but a big hose so best filling cans.

KinlochbervieUpdated Oct 2003

Pontoon. Details unknown.
Note:Kinlochbervie, Loch Inver, Gairloch - a 14 day pass is available which covers all 3 and gives very good savings- believed equivalent to about 4 nights stay.


The Cromwell St Quay has pontoon berthing for yachts up to 12m length, 2m draught. Security is via swipe cards obtainable from the harbourmaster's office.

W. Isles Council Visitor MooringsLATEST UPDATE JUNE 2009

There are visitors moorings provided by the Western Isles Council at 8 different locations on the East coast of the islands from Rodel in Harris to Castelbay in Barra. max. vessel size 15 tonnes. All have pickup buoys, they are inspected annually and are available at a very modest charge to visiting boats.

For more information see or Outdoor Hebrides


All Visitor Yacht Moorings in the Western Isles have now been inspected and serviced for 2009 and are safe to use.

Many thanks to all our correspondents cruising the W. Coast who help us keep this page up to date.
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