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The Canaries are still seen by many cruisers as just a convenient stocking up and jumping off point for an Atlantic crossing, but gradually more people are beginning to find them and enjoy them as a cruising ground in their own right. They are European culturally, with cheap flights back to the UK if required, yet they offer year-round cruising in the sunshine.

They are not without their faults however. There are not a lot of secure anchorages, so you will of necessity spend a lot of time in marinas. Luckily there are plenty and the prices are by and large very reasonable compared to the UK (but then isn't everywhere?)

Sailing between the islands usually involves passages of at least fifty or sixty miles, and you can expect strong winds in the wind acceleration zones. The almost constant sunshine, blue skies and warm water go a long way to compensate for these features though.

This information was accurate as of March 2007, but the usual disclaimers apply - not to be used for navigation etc. If anyone has any corrections or observations to add then we would like to hear from you - you can use this FEEDBACK FORM

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