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We set off in August 2006 to do an Atlantic circuit, but soon discovered that there was so much to see on the way. We spent a lot more time in marinas than we expected, and met a lot of other cruisers with different agendas. Many were taking the boat down to overwinter in the Algarve, some were heading to the Med while others were planning an Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean or Brazil

We also met a couple of boats intending to go as far as the Canaries and cruise there for the Winter before returning to the UK via the Azores. This had never occurred to us before, but as delays and hassles piled up in the Canaries it began to make sense to enjoy where we were rather than constantly preparing for the next stage and rushing off, and when we still hadn't set off at New Year we decided to cancel the Atlantic - at least for now.

We know how pleased we were to find relatively current accounts of places we intended to visit on the web, so have put together a brief description of marinas we have been in on this trip. We hope you find it useful, but be warned that things are changing rapidly - several new marinas have opened for business since the latest pilot books were published. If you are aware of any changes, omissions or useful additions then please use THIS FORM to get in touch.

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