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Ellen MacArthur - Taking On The World
Ellen MacArthur - Taking On The World
Paperback - 416 pp
Michael Joseph
Berserk - My Voyage to the Antarctic in a 27ft Sailboat
Paperback - 272 pp
David Mercy
Lyons Press
Sailing and Cruising Heroes and Legends
Bernard Moitessier

This great French single handed circumnavigator had an almost mystical kinship with the sea. His death was a great loss.

Ellen Macarthur

Ellen's own website tells her remarkable story, from land-locked Derbyshire girl to 'Yachtsman of the Year', in a flash...

Eric and Susan Hiscock

This middle-aged British couple paved the way for modern circumnav- igators, finding personal tranquillity and the freedom on the way.

H.W. Tilman - Anecdotes & Photographs

The last of the great 20th century adventurers and explorers, Tilman sailed ancient vessels into ice-strewn waters for obscure reasons.

The Voyage of the Dove

Robin Lee Graham set out on a solo circumnavigation in a 24ft sloop at the age of 16, returning five years older in a different boat.

Sir Francis Chichester

Some photographs and a comprehensive CV (or mini-biography) on this site run by Chichester's son.

Joshua Slocum Society International

A tribute to Joshua Slocum, the first man to sail round the world alone, and also a complete record of all solo circumnavigators.

Lin & Larry Pardey

The Pardeys are a cruising legend, with over 100,000 low-cost miles of adventure under their keel aboard their small engineless cutters.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

He became the first person to sail solo and non-stop round the world when he won he Daily Telegraph Goldren Globe in Suhaili in 1969.

The Arthur Ransome Site

Arthur Ransome's "Swallows and Amazons" series of books and his adult cruising stories are known all over the world.

The Wild Vikings

The youngest, maddest and possibly the only skipper ever to take a 27ft boat into Arctic and Antarctic waters. Read 'Berserk' the book.

The Lonely Sea And The Sky
Gypsy Moth Circles The World
Seraffyn's European Adventures - Lyn & Larry Pardey
The Voyage of the Dove - Robin Lee Graham
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