The Circumnavigators:
Small Boat Voyagers of Modern Times
by Donald Holm

(c) 1974 by Donald R. Holm
originally published by Prentice-Hall, NY

The electronic version of this book was originally created with the permission of the author and made available on the McAllen Memorial Library website. Bluemoment is hoping to republished this edition in an improved HTML format and host it here in the hope that more people will find their way to this fascinating book, now sadly out of print. In the meantime, we have reformatted the first two sections - use the link above to the McAllen site to see the rest of the book.

- Note: the original photographs and maps illustrating the text were not available. Those included in the electronic version were scanned from a bound book. Please excuse their rough appearance. Pointing at and clicking on any picture or map in the text should give you a larger version of that picture or map.


Library of Congress C.I.P. data for the original publication
Holm, Don.
The circumnavigators.
Bibliography: p. xvi, 496
1. Voyages around the world. 2. Sailing.
I. TItle
LCCN: 74-13607
ISBN 0-13-134452-9

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