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BLUEMOMENT BOLTHOLES - an occasional series

Reports of lesser known anchorages by our members

Should unlisted and unspoilt anchorages in the west of Scotland be kept a secret? Well, they're not really a secret, because they're all charted for a start, and anyone looking to drop the anchor just needs to check the chart. There are excellent spots listed in the supplement at the back of the CCC Sailing Directions as ’occasional‘ anchorages, yet despite that listing, many are rarely visited.

Donald Macdonald, 2006


Gylen Castle, Kerrerareport by Donald Macdonald June 2008
Sàilean Mòr, Oronsayreport by Donald Macdonald May 2008
Port Ohirnie (Port Odhar), Isle of Mullreport by Donald Macdonald Sept 2006
Camus Chil Mhalieu, Loch Linnhereport by Donald Macdonald June 2006
Port Donain, Isle of Mullreport by Donald Macdonald June 2006

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Wild goats,  Port Donain
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