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Antifouling, Paints, Varnish & Coating

Cooper's Copolymer Antifouling
A copper based self polishing (eroding) antifouling which complies fully with all current legislation (information available onsite).
Using a very high concentration of 99% pure copper, this antifouling can protect your hull for up to ten years, ending the annual chore.
Shop online for paints, varnishes, antifouling and marine coatings from all the leading manufacturers. FAQs, datasheets etc.
Flag Paints and Finishes
A range of finishes from bilge paint to varnish. Links to PDF datasheets on all their products.
International (
Information on International's huge range, search for a dealer or service centre plus painting hints and paint selector guide.
Marine Finishes Ltd
Dorset company specialising in topside finishes including spray & brush finishes, gel coat peeling, osmosis treatments and varnishing.
Pedro's Yacht Refinishing
Leading yacht painter producing fantastic mirror-gloss finishes on vessels which are sailed around the world. Awlgrip approved centre.
Designed for scraping boat hulls cleanly and safely, this is the only marine paint scraper with integral vacuum for dust removal.
SeaJet Paint
SeaJet claim their Platinum antifouling lasts up to three years. They also make a range of primers, epoxy topcoats and varnishes.
Teamac Marine Coatings
Teamac offer a range of antifoulings, 'Suregrip' deck paint, marine gloss and varnishes. Online purchasing plus a stockists database.
Treadmaster Marine Products
The original non-slip deck surface. Buy online, with adhesives etc. Fitting instructions on site. Treadcote paint for worn Treadmaster.
Mailspeed Marine - top brands, huge stock, lowest prices.
SailRoom - online sailing auctions
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